What Do Home Inspections Include?

Home Inspections typically include the major systems in the house – HVAC, Roof, Plumbing, Electrical, and Structural, including the windows. A typical inspection generally costs $300-450, depending on the size of the house and the complexity of the inspection. The Inspection Report is delivered within a couple of days, and it will provide detailed descriptions and photos of all of the findings. We will review the inspection report together, determine what repairs are needed and discuss how to proceed. Keep in mind that the sellers are not obligated to do anything – the Offer to Purchase and Contract states that the house is being sold “as-is.” In most cases, however, the buyer and seller will negotiate repairs or compensation to the buyer for repairs that the buyer will need performed after the sale is consummated.

The Wood Destroying Insect inspection costs around $100, and sellers will be required to address any active termite activity. This inspection will also include other wood destroying insects such as carpenter ants.

If the house is on a well and/or septic, separate inspections will be performed to ensure that the water quality is good and the septic system is functioning properly.

Post-Inspection Course of Action

Commonly, inspections reveal maintenance or repair issues that the Seller should address before closing. Some may be minor issues that can be addressed easily and inexpensively, and may not require any change to the contract. Occasionally, however, more significant problems exist that will require some negotiation to determine the course of action that will be required to correct the problem and define who will bear responsibility for repairs. During such situations you will find just how beneficial it is to have an Agent on your side – someone who will negotiate vigorously on your behalf.