Marketing Your Home to Prospective Buyers

Getting the Word Out

It is critically important that all marketing efforts result in attracting the greatest possible number of potential buyers to view your home. This requires a thoughtful, well-managed marketing effort from day one. Marketing your home is my job, and I take it very seriously. I list homes I have confidence will sell within the listing period (6 months), and do so at a fair market price. This is because I typically invest several hundred dollars into marketing materials and professional services – I only make that investment if I have a reasonable chance to make that investment back at closing. Otherwise it doesn’t make economic sense for me to list your home. In other words, you and I both have skin in the game.

Professional Photographs That Attracts More Buyers

I always hire a professional photographer to ensure that only the highest quality photos of your home appear in the MLS and on online sites like Zillow, Trulia and Poor photos discourage people from taking the time to come see your house. Great photos are what gets them in the door. There’s no greater truth than this: You can’t sell a house if buyers don’t come to see it!

Collateral Materials Create Wide Exposure

I develop, print, and distribute high-quality brochures, flyers, mailings and post cards to the broadest possible audience of Buyer’s Agents and potential buyers.

Dozens of In-House Agents Provide Additional Support

There are 50 agents in my office all working with buyers who might be interested in your home. We will host a caravan so our agents will see your home and provide feedback to help us improve the marketability of the house.

Open Houses Create a Buzz about Your Home

Prior to all Open House events, I spend time calling area Agents to invite them to bring clients, advertise and promote the event to create some “buzz” about your home. While it is rare that a buyer finds their perfect house at an Open House, it does happen. The real benefit of holding an Open House is to get as many people to see your house as possible; the more people who see it, the faster it sells .